Friday, January 29, 2010

Plant Caddy

I bought these from Home Depot last summer. They suck. Short and sweet. They were great at first, but then moisture ruined the “wood”, so they are cracked and gross looking. The wheels, which are plastic are breaking and the caps are falling off. I got three ($15-$20 each I think) and 2 of them are holding very heavy pots, but I expected them to hold up better than they have. The third one is holding a small plant I call Anastasia because I could never remember that it was an Azalea bush; even the wheels on that one are breaking and the “wood” is cracked and breaking.
Real wood and sturdy wheels are the way to go; not these little caster wheels and fake wood.

Hopefully we can get these trees in the ground soon and not have to buy more.

Faux Wine Barrels

I wanted the half wine barrels to plant our orange tree and mandarin trees in until we were able to get our yard in order. Not wanting to spend a lot of money – and unable to find a couple – I settled for a faux wine barrels my mom and I found at Kmart. It’s held up pretty well, until recently. They’re over a year old and being fake, I guess I didn’t really expect too much. The black coloring is rubbing off, so I try not to touch them. The weather is getting to them, so they are beginning to crack and I’m sure it won’t be too long before they fall apart. I’ve got a couple online photos for these posts until I can get actual photos posted.

Updated...Here are my photos. Don't be like me....wait and buy the real thing.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Energizer Batteries

I LOVE these batteries.

I've tried so many rechargeable batteries and they just don't last long. We got our camera a year and a half ago and I was constantly carrying batteries around, rechargeable or not. I have a small box full of batteries that we've been through, even rechargeable that don't hold a charge although they're new.

Doug bought these Lithium batteries just to try them and they're amazing. To get an idea of how long they last: rechargeable batteries would last a day ( on a REALLY good day ), "regular" batteries would last about a week, but the Lithium batteries last about a month, if not longer.

Our packaging looks a little different, but I L.O.V.E these batteries. It's so nice not worrying that our batteries are going to die while we are out for the day. We use 4 AA batteries in our camera and buying batteries was getting ridiculous, not to mention having to carry an extra 8 batteries and a battery charger.

These cost a little more, but I think it's worth it. I think this 4 pack of batteries is about $8.