Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rival Crock Pot

Doug and I got this crock pot as a wedding gift a couple years ago. I love it. It's the Rival "Smart Pot". It's got digital controls, digital timer and when the meal is done it automatically sets itself to warm so the meal doesn't overcook. It's great. It comes with an instruction manual as well as recipes. I've seen it for sale at Costco for about $40, it's definitely worth the cost.

Check out their products here: Crock~Pot

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


We stayed at the Sheraton while we were in San Jose, CA. It was a nice room, simple and classy decorations, clean and it felt comfortable to be there. We booked online using and got a great price of $90 for a weekend night while most hotels in the area were going for $120 and more. The staff was very nice and although the hotel restaurant/bar was empty, the food was good (Doug got the wrong sandwich, but he ate it anyways) and the bartender was very helpful.
I would definitely stay at this hotel again. The picture above is from their website and looks just like the room we stayed in, except our comforter was white.

Southwest Airlines

When I fly, I always seem to check Southwest first. It's always been a pretty easy experience, so I keep flying with them. I don't dislike the other airlines, but Southwest seems to be my preferred airline (not to mention we don't have to pay for our luggage to fly).

We flew Southwest to and from Minnesota. I searched online to find the cheapest flights and found one online for $200 each. It wasn't letting me book it online and the next flight price was $400 for the exact same trip. I called Southwest to see why I couldn't book online and I was told they must have sold all the tickets at that price level. The gentleman I spoke with asked me to hold for a moment and was very sympathetic to my situation (trying to get to my grandma's memorial). He was able to find me a ticket at the $200 price. I'm so grateful for their customer service! They saved us $400 on our flight to Minnesota!!

A funny story though: while we were on our flight from Chicago to Minnesota our flight attendant was the equivalent to the "Soup Nazi" on Seinfeld.
Here's how the drink orders went:
What do you want to drink?
(to the next person) Yes
If she got to you and you didn't have an answer ready, I was SURE they were going to hear "NO DRINK FOR YOU!" We had a pretty good laugh over it. It was funny to watch when the people in the next rows weren't paying attention and would hear, "Yes." I imagine the blank stares she would get and then she would say, "What do you want to drink?" "Yes." "Yes." "Yes." "Yes." "Yes." She did apologize while rapidly handing out the peanuts/pretzels that they were in a hurry due to the ice delay in Chicago.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jack's Urban Eats

You should really take a break and stop at Jack's for lunch. They have delicious food. You can create your own salad, have a Thai Salmon Salad, Hot Pastrami Reuben, or have a BBQ Tri Tip sandwich - there are many more items as well as garlic french fries and sweet treats. Doug and I stopped in for lunch on our way out of town a couple weekends ago and he really liked his Tri Tip Sandwich and said we need to go again next time we're in the area. I usually create my own salad, but I had a BBQ Chicken Sandwich and it was really good.
I used to work across the street from one of their restaurants, now it's a little further of a drive to a different location but always worth the food. There are about 5 restaurants in the Sacramento area and most items are $7-8. Enjoy!