Friday, April 23, 2010


I've used the Swiffer Dusters and the Swiffer Sweeper. I use the dusters like crazy and love them. They are really easy to use and hold the dust and dirt in them. When the duster is dirty you slide it off the wand and put a new one on and keep dusting. While looking for a photo to use, I saw there is an extender you can buy to reach high objects.
The sweepers work pretty well too. They are more of a duster than a sweeper though. It will pick up the dust and hair and things, but it doesn't work great for larger crumbs and things like that; it tends to just push them around. We have tile in our kitchen and it's not great on tile either. But, I haven't found anything that IS great on tile. I use these in our bathroom and they work better on flat surfaces. We don't have a large surface area in our bathroom, so it's almost easier to use the duster.