Sunday, May 16, 2010


My mom and I were at Costco a while back and I bought a 2 pack of Aveeno lotion. This lotion moisturizes well, but leaves my skin feeling sticky. I've also found that when using this lotion I would have white marks on my black slacks. I couldn't figure out where the marks were coming from until one day I rubbed my arm on my pants while sitting at my desk. I'm still searching for a lotion that works well without drawbacks.


I was frustrated with our shampoo and conditioner so I figured we would try Suave. Why not try it right? After all, the commercials say it's just as good as expensive hair products. We chose the Pomegranate Splash. We usually pay $5-$7 for our shampoo and the same for our conditioner; we paid about $5 for both in family size bottles.
I can honestly say they are great. I've been having issues with my hair feeling and looking oily a few hours after I wash it. Not anymore. My hair is just as soft and manageable too.