Saturday, May 28, 2011

HangMan Hanging System

This picture/mirror hanging system is really easy to use. Hangman includes all the hardware you'll need to hang your item, even a level. Helpful tools to have on hand: drill, hammer, screwdriver and pencil.
You put the appropriate piece on the wall and the other piece on the back of the picture or mirror you would like to hang.
Make sure you face them the correct way so the item piece will sit in the piece on the wall. The kits we used hold up to 200 lbs; they were $10.88 per kit at Lowes.
And, it's really that easy. I've messed up a few of our walls while hanging things with screws and wire, but this system was easy and painless.
The mirrors are not completely level, but I'm sure that was my lack of skills and not the product; It's hard to tell that they aren't level.
My only issue was my idea of how low the mirrors were going to hang. Both of them are too high, especially the one above. I measured over and over again and somehow it still ended up too high.

Check out their products here: Hangman