Monday, January 9, 2012


I've tried both of these products for over a year and they don't work on cats. The liquid version in the spray bottle smells terrible; you will think something died in your yard. I highly recommend wearing gloves if you use this product. I got some on my finger and I tried soap, rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover and finally bleach to get the smell off my finger. I sprayed a lot in one area of our yard that a cat has been digging and not even a few days later the bark was dug up again.The granule version seemed to work okay last year, but looking back it didn't stop the cat(s) from pooping on our patio furniture. I keep trying to get these products to work, but they don't. I'll keep using them until I run out and I'll try to find another way. Saturday I put a mixture of jalapeno juice, red pepper flakes and chili powder in our yard, so we'll see how that works.